Posted in October 2008

Local Greens’ movement gains speed statewide

By Erica Christoffer They call themselves “Greens.” They are left of center, environmentally progressive and despise the country’s two-party political system. While this movement has long called Rogers Park home, it has quietly gained speed throughout the rest of Chicago. They are the Green Party of Illinois. And with Rich Whitney’s success two years ago … Continue reading

Is free speech a human right? An examination of China.

By Erica Christoffer Patrick Burkhartzmeyer of Minneapolis lived in Shijiazhuang, China for 10 months teaching English at Hebei University of Science and Technology. During his time in China he couldn’t access Hotmail, view most blogs, or use search engines to find information on China’s history. What Burkhartzmeyer encountered has become known as “the great firewall … Continue reading

Live, from the vice presidential debate press room

By Erica Christoffer Oct. 2, 2008 Three minutes before 8 p.m. Thursday night it hits me – I really am covering one of the most anticipated political events during this historic election. I was overwhelmed. I had to tell someone – share what I was experiencing. So I updated my status on Facebook. “OK, Alexandra … Continue reading