Posted in December 2008

Obama and the Arab World

By Erica Christoffer President-elect Barack Obama is at a crossroads with the Arab World. On the one hand, he could continue implementing policies of the Bush Administration and hold his tongue in speaking out against demonizing comments made towards Muslims. But on the other hand, he could follow through with his campaign promises to open … Continue reading

Blagojevich, Blagojevich.

Blagojevich as a noun: “It’s Bring Your Blagojevich to Work Day tomorrow.” Blagojevich as a verb: “The cat Blagojeviched on the floor.” Blagojevich as an adjective: “Are you offering me money? How Blagojevich of you.” Blagojevich as all three: “I’m so Blagojeviching Blagojevich about Blagojevich.” I’ll tell you something, Illinois politics is not boring, that’s … Continue reading