Posted in August 2009

In a past life…

I distinctly remember back to my freshman year of college when one of professors used the expression “in a past life.” She was telling a story involving her days as a young telephone operator. I understood what she meant – how the years of experience and change had divided her life  into distinct eras. But … Continue reading

A poster child for the uninsured‏.

I have been living without health insurance for 2 1/2 years. This is not bait for sympathy, nor do I feel underprivileged. Early in 2007 I was accepted to graduate school here in Chicago. I decided to leave my career of five years, cash in my 401k, move away from Minnesota and make a life … Continue reading

Big News!

Today, I upgraded from this tacky mug that I dug out from the depths of the community kitchen cupboard at my office… To this gem! How much does that rock? Maybe now Jon Stewart will agree to an interview with me.

Public Restroom Etiquette‏

In my opinion (and this is my blog, so it’s about time I start stating my opinion), there are certain cardinal rules one must follow in a public restroom. 1.) If there is a row of empty stalls, do not, I repeat, do not take the one directly next to the only other person using … Continue reading

A night at the movies.

I have a two-sided movie-watching personality. At home, it takes a feat of mammoth proportions to get me to stay awake during a two-hour film. If I don’t pass out 30 minutes-in, then I’m up and down off the couch multitasking the night away. Case-in-point: Finally Netflixed Memoirs of a Geisha and popped it in … Continue reading