A night at the movies.

I have a two-sided movie-watching personality. At home, it takes a feat of mammoth proportions to get me to stay awake during a two-hour film. If I don’t pass out 30 minutes-in, then I’m up and down off the couch multitasking the night away. Case-in-point: Finally Netflixed Memoirs of a Geisha and popped it in last night. A few minutes in and I was setting up for an art project. I didn’t end up asleep, but I did get several picture frames refurbed and painted. Several weeks ago, I could not finish Pan’s Labyrinth for the life of me – and I actually wanted to see that movie.

It’s not like I’ve always had this problem. Maybe the increased influence of snippet-sized information has rotted my brain away into status update-only capacity. All the Twitter, YouTube and Facebook time has finally caught up with me. God, I hope that’s not the case.

It’s not the case. It can’t be. At the theatre I’m a totally different person. I love movies at the theatre. Not an itch of sleep creeps into my eyes. It’s like at the theatre I’m sweet Dr. Jekyll, but at home I’m the evil Mr. Hyde movie-watcher who can’t pay attention.

Does a movie have to play on a very large screen to keep me entertained? If that’s the case, maybe JH and I should invest in a giant flat-screen. He’d love that. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t put my head down on one of my fluffy couch pillows, or don’t have distractions of the computer, phone, and household projects.

Meryl as JuliaAnyway, this weekend I saw Julie & Julia – and guess what… I liked it! (Big surprise considering it was on the big screen.) I ended up going with several girl friends for a birthday party. The birthday girl is an amazing cook (aspiring writer, night-time foodie – that kinda thing) so this movie was right up her alley. In Julia Good Life Yes Final_2honor of her b-day and the movie, she cooked us up an amazing chicken dish right out of Julia Child’s cookbook! Bon Appetit, for sure! Me, on the other hand,  I do well if I don’t burn simple chicken breasts or overcook pasta. Just as Julia (Meryl Streep) says in the movie – I’m good at eating food. But unlike Julia, that’s all I’m good at in that realm.

Two ingredients that I should have foreseen liking in this movie:  A poor wannabe writer forced to work day job while looking for inspiration… yes, can relate. And Julia Child, a person I’ve long admired.

I remember watching Child’s cooking show on TV when I was a kid. At a very young age I found her utterly captivating. Meryl Streep did an amazing performance. Long ago she entered my top five favorite female actors list. She brought the Julia Child alive I so dearly remembered from my youth.

I do have a few criticisms, however. First off, what was with the ending? Yeah. Second, what exactly did Julia Child say about Julie’s blog? It was so vague that I was a little perturbed they even put it in the movie. Maybe it explains it in the book??? Not trying to give anything away here – just had to mention a few little annoyances.

Overall: cute movie; fun night at the theatre; unfun self analyzing over at-home attention span; I didn’t stuff my face with popcorn.

Maybe that last point is a bad thing.

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