Dear Maine,

I’m disappointed, Maine. Gay marriage no, but medical marijuana yes? State-run grow houses OK, but gay monogamous commitment is not?

Marriage in the U.S. is a legal recognition of a union joining two people into a partnership, a family. With that recognition comes certain civil benefits that should be accessible to all citizens, such as taxes, next of kin decisions, access to health insurance, etc. Most arguments against same sex marriage are religious in nature. However, we live in a country with a separation of church and state, and I’d like to keep it that way. Everyone should know that the church/state separation protects religious institutions most.

As my dear friend Heidi put it, “Minority rights shouldn’t be contingent on the opinion of the majority.” On most issues I support ballot measures – referendums, levies, major capital improvement projects, even medical marijuana. But civil rights issues (yes, marriage is a civil right) should be fully accessible to all U.S. citizens and protected under federal law. Yes, Maine, I’ll see your state vote and raise you a Supreme Court vote.

To me it is morally reprehensible to discriminate, against anyone. Why prevent two responsible, committed adults from pursuing their own happiness? And how will the allotment of legal marriage rights to same sex couples have any bearing on your life? Don’t give me that “it will be taught in public schools” bologna. Parents are vastly more influential on their children than public schools. If you choose to hate on gay people, I’m sure your children will do the same.

Now, I have a secret to share… sshhhhhh… come closer…. closer… can you read this? Good. OK, here goes… Gay couples already do get married. Yep, that’s right! Under God and everything. In places of worship, no less. But that’s not the issue, Maine. The issue is securing equal protections and civil rights under law for all citizens.

In conclusion, Maine, you are just another bump on the road to the inevitable: federally recognized same sex marriage. It will happen. Next year Generation Y will outnumber Baby Boomers. Change is slow, but it will happen.



p.s. I still want to visit your beautiful coastline and eat lobster.


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