My Six-Word Memoir

The popularity of the six-word memoir a la Ernest Hemingway is back with the release of Smith Magazine’s new book, Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak, a follow-up to Not Quite What I Was Planning. The idea: Your life in one sentence, six words. Here’s mine:

Learned how mighty the pen is.

I could also go with:

Never satisfied, but working on it.

Lives vivid dreams during waking hours.

I write best while on deadline.

My teenage angst never went away.

Music saved me, more than once.

I’d rather be at the beach.

What is your six-word memoir? Comment it below. You can also post it on Smith Magazine’s website and it may be used in a future book!

3 thoughts on “My Six-Word Memoir

  1. Following your heart rarely disappoints you.

    Happiness can’t be found in money.

    Or for fun… I want to work for Diddy. 🙂

  2. She loves me, I love her.

    Can you dig it? I can.

    I wrote, rarely cried, and laughed.

    My favorite thing was life itself.

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