Blurring the Professional with the Personal

When it comes to social networking, I’m all about blurring the personal and the professional. A work acquaintance recently told me said she looks at my Facebook profile everyday because she enjoys the items I post. To me, that was a HUGE compliment! Admittedly, you’ll end up censoring yourself a bit (take down the drunk pics; don’t tweet that you want to punch someone in the face… things like that). But I love knowing what my work associates/sources/coworkers/old friends are really like.

Today I’m covering RainCamp for REALTOR Magazine, a social media and Web technology business event. Here are a few questions that have popped up, which may give you a little food for thought:

  • How do you naturally blend your business and personal lives on your networks and profiles?
  • Does your online personality match your offline personality? Are you being authentic and using your own voice?
  • Are you making meaningful connections?
  • Do you relate to your audience/followers/friends?

Here are some ideas from the event:

  • Blog with transparency. Be yourself.
  • Make meaningful and useful comments.
  • Be consistent. Reply to your friends and followers. That’s how real connections are made.
  • Think you don’t have the time? Set aside a half hour each day.

So, if you want to keep the blurred convos going, give me a follow: @ericanoel

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