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Is Objective Journalism Dead?

When I was working as a newspaper reporter in Minnesota, I once received a compliment from a state representative that made me incredibly proud. He said he enjoyed being interviewed by me because I never led on to whether I was a Republican or Democrat, and neither did my questions. “Now don’t tell me,” he … Continue reading

Where is the future of fashion?

When I was about 10 years old, I envisioned the year 2010 with popular fashion in the vain of “The Fifth Element.” Instead, I am consistently disappointed by today’s Gap-nation. Everywhere I look I see a drab, khaki-colored blur of cheap, matchy-matchy attire that doesn’t take chances and has no personality. There is little glamour … Continue reading

Public Restroom Etiquette‏

In my opinion (and this is my blog, so it’s about time I start stating my opinion), there are certain cardinal rules one must follow in a public restroom. 1.) If there is a row of empty stalls, do not, I repeat, do not take the one directly next to the only other person using … Continue reading

Another shoe thrown at world leader, worse aim

By Erica Christoffer How do you tell a head of state you disagree with their ideals? Throwing a shoe seems to be a method increasing in popularity. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was the target of a shoe-throwing during his speech on the global economy at Cambridge University today. According to the London Times, a young … Continue reading

Blago dissed in proposed stimulus bill

By Erica Christoffer The U.S. House has so little faith in Illinois Gov. Rob Blagojevich, that they actually wrote a clause in the proposed $825 billion stimulus package preventing him from touching the funds in any way. As reported by ProPublica, state agencies cannot spend the stimulus money directed toward Illinois without approval from the … Continue reading

Rogers Park condo scams prey on buyers, renters

By Erica Christoffer Mike Skowronski doesn’t know where he would live if the condo he rents underwent foreclosure. He fears the only notice he’ll get is from a bank, one day out of the blue, which will tell him to vacate the premises – “immediately.” A resident of a Rogers Park apartment building for seven … Continue reading