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A Fun New Anxiety: Killer Ice

I’ve developed a fear I never had before moving to Chicago and working downtown: ice plummeting 40 stories during a winter thaw and impaling me on my head. Giant skyscrapers and melting snow are a bad combination, and you’re reminded of the pending horror constantly. Signs are everywhere, written in large red letters, “DANGER: FALLING … Continue reading

My Six-Word Memoir

The popularity of the six-word memoir a la Ernest Hemingway is back with the release of Smith Magazine’s new book, Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak, a follow-up to Not Quite What I Was Planning. The idea: Your life in one sentence, six words. Here’s mine: Learned how mighty the pen is. I could also … Continue reading

Where is the future of fashion?

When I was about 10 years old, I envisioned the year 2010 with popular fashion in the vain of “The Fifth Element.” Instead, I am consistently disappointed by today’s Gap-nation. Everywhere I look I see a drab, khaki-colored blur of cheap, matchy-matchy attire that doesn’t take chances and has no personality. There is little glamour … Continue reading

Big News!

Today, I upgraded from this tacky mug that I dug out from the depths of the community kitchen cupboard at my office… To this gem! How much does that rock? Maybe now Jon Stewart will agree to an interview with me.

Public Restroom Etiquette‏

In my opinion (and this is my blog, so it’s about time I start stating my opinion), there are certain cardinal rules one must follow in a public restroom. 1.) If there is a row of empty stalls, do not, I repeat, do not take the one directly next to the only other person using … Continue reading