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Is Objective Journalism Dead?

When I was working as a newspaper reporter in Minnesota, I once received a compliment from a state representative that made me incredibly proud. He said he enjoyed being interviewed by me because I never led on to whether I was a Republican or Democrat, and neither did my questions. “Now don’t tell me,” he … Continue reading

I am tired…

I am tired of the rage young people feel, whether from neglect, poverty, self doubt, fear. I am tired of seeing them hurt one another because they know no other way of expressing this rage. Words do not or can not articulate the their situation. Those who have used words go unheard or ignored, so … Continue reading

A poster child for the uninsured‏.

I have been living without health insurance for 2 1/2 years. This is not bait for sympathy, nor do I feel underprivileged. Early in 2007 I was accepted to graduate school here in Chicago. I decided to leave my career of five years, cash in my 401k, move away from Minnesota and make a life … Continue reading