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Thinking of the West

Do you ever feel like going out into the middle of nowhere and screaming as loud as you can? For the past three days I’ve had this nervous energy where all I want to do is scream and yell and thrash my head and run until I can’t run anymore. My body is seeking an … Continue reading

Is Objective Journalism Dead?

When I was working as a newspaper reporter in Minnesota, I once received a compliment from a state representative that made me incredibly proud. He said he enjoyed being interviewed by me because I never led on to whether I was a Republican or Democrat, and neither did my questions. “Now don’t tell me,” he … Continue reading

In a past life…

I distinctly remember back to my freshman year of college when one of professors used the expression “in a past life.” She was telling a story involving her days as a young telephone operator. I understood what she meant – how the years of experience and change had divided her life  into distinct eras. But … Continue reading

Public Restroom Etiquette‏

In my opinion (and this is my blog, so it’s about time I start stating my opinion), there are certain cardinal rules one must follow in a public restroom. 1.) If there is a row of empty stalls, do not, I repeat, do not take the one directly next to the only other person using … Continue reading

A night at the movies.

I have a two-sided movie-watching personality. At home, it takes a feat of mammoth proportions to get me to stay awake during a two-hour film. If I don’t pass out 30 minutes-in, then I’m up and down off the couch multitasking the night away. Case-in-point: Finally Netflixed Memoirs of a Geisha and popped it in … Continue reading

Mary Jane’s story

By Erica Christoffer What Mary Jane Haggerty wanted most of out life was the happiness of others. And, that is exactly what she achieved. Mary Jane, who became known as a brilliant housing advocate and community activist in Rogers Park, passed away Dec. 28, 2008 following a year-long battle against stage four breast cancer. She … Continue reading