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Dear Maine,

I’m disappointed, Maine. Gay marriage no, but medical marijuana yes? State-run grow houses OK, but gay monogamous commitment is not? Marriage in the U.S. is a legal recognition of a union joining two people into a partnership, a family. With that recognition comes certain civil benefits that should be accessible to all citizens, such as … Continue reading

The road to producing ‘real’ journalism.

For nine months my partner Becky Schlikerman and I conducted an investigation into the committees of the Chicago City Council. What we found were repeated violations of the Illinois Open Meetings Act – business being conducted without majority quorums (the minimum number of alderman needed to vote) and minutes that were inadequate or nonexistent. Read … Continue reading

A poster child for the uninsured‏.

I have been living without health insurance for 2 1/2 years. This is not bait for sympathy, nor do I feel underprivileged. Early in 2007 I was accepted to graduate school here in Chicago. I decided to leave my career of five years, cash in my 401k, move away from Minnesota and make a life … Continue reading

‘Take my loans… please!’

My thesis has been occupying most of my time, as of late. This has left me little opportunity to write other stories or random blog posts. But I did want to share this – what I would call brilliant – Facebook group I recently joined: “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy.” Created by … Continue reading

Another shoe thrown at world leader, worse aim

By Erica Christoffer How do you tell a head of state you disagree with their ideals? Throwing a shoe seems to be a method increasing in popularity. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was the target of a shoe-throwing during his speech on the global economy at Cambridge University today. According to the London Times, a young … Continue reading

Blago dissed in proposed stimulus bill

By Erica Christoffer The U.S. House has so little faith in Illinois Gov. Rob Blagojevich, that they actually wrote a clause in the proposed $825 billion stimulus package preventing him from touching the funds in any way. As reported by ProPublica, state agencies cannot spend the stimulus money directed toward Illinois without approval from the … Continue reading