REALTOR Magazine

2011 Tech Essentials: Picture This, REALTOR® Magazine, July/August 2011

VIDEO: 30 Under 30: Class of 2011 Cover Shoot, REALTOR® Magazine, May 2011

Oyster processing, Houma, La., June 2010. Photo by: Erica Christoffer

Crude Summer: Coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill, REALTOR® Magazine, September 2010 (PDF)

VIDEO SERIES: How-To Minute, REALTOR® Magazine, ongoing

Branding: Find Your Voice, REALTOR® Magazine, June 2010

Buyer’s Guide: 2010 Digital Cameras, REALTOR® Magazine, March 2010

Broker Profiles: The Art of Reinvention: A Broker Success Story, REALTOR® Magazine, February 2010 (PDF); Selling the City, REALTOR® Magazine, October 2010

Reuse With Style, REALTOR® Magazine, February 2010 (PDF)

Weekly Book Scan, REALTOR® Magazine, ongoing

Styled, Staged & Sold, REALTOR® Magazine, ongoing

Speaking of Real Estate, REALTOR® Magazine, ongoing

Lost Boy Peter Magai Bul works from his Rogers Park home to improve life in his homeland of Sudan. Photo by: Erica Christoffer

ChicagoTalks and The Beachwood Reporter

Lost Boy Committed to Improving Life in Chicago Community, Homeland, Pen Street Press/ChicagoTalks, Jan. 9, 2009

The Future of U.S.-China Relations, ChicagoTalks, Dec. 5, 2008

Investigation Finds Committees Lack Quorums, Violate Open Meetings Act, ChicagoTalks, May 19, 2008

Chicago City Council Committees Evade the Law, Experts Say, The Beachwood Reporter, May 19, 2008

Erica Christoffer being interviewed by Vocalo Radio on joint City Council investigation, Vocalo, May 2008

Shades of Gray Cast Over Future in Iraq, ChicagoTalks, March 22, 2008

Street scenes of Chicago, August 2008. Photo by Erica Christoffer

RP 2000 and Other Local Web Sites

Rogers Park Community Council and Partners Crack Down on Condo Fraud, RP2000, April 2008

The Broadmoor: Small Token of Change in Rogers Park, RP 2000, December 2008

Election Night in Grant Park, Pen Street Press, Nov. 5, 2008

Living Green, The Kiwi Way, Pen Street Press, Nov. 3, 2008

Unemployment Rates on the Rise Among Returning Vets, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, April 22, 2008

Sun-Current Newspaper

Portraits of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (part two of the three-part package), Sun-Current, April 19, 2007

Mayoral Challenger Charged in Road Rage Incident, Sun-Current, Nov. 2, 2006

Children at the Bean, Chicago, 2008. By Erica Christoffer

MN RollerGirls: Making Waves With Their Skates, Sun-Current, Sept. 21, 2006

Bosnia: Sacrifice for Security, Sun-Current, Jan. 1, 2004

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