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‘Take my loans… please!’

My thesis has been occupying most of my time, as of late. This has left me little opportunity to write other stories or random blog posts. But I did want to share this – what I would call brilliant – Facebook group I recently joined: “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy.” Created by … Continue reading

The future of U.S.-China relations

By Erica Christoffer Karen Yang works at an import jewelry shop in Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood. She said the word among business owners is that times are tough and sales are down. Just up the street from her, a woman behind a counter selling Oriental décor nearly breaks into tears over the slowing economy. “No business … Continue reading

Living green, the Kiwi way.

Rebecca and Kevin Thom met while in graduate school in California. Rebecca was teaching writing and women’s studies to college students while working on her Ph.D. in comparative literature. Kevin was working in IT. In all respects, they had a successful life. But they weren’t fulfilled. So they packed up their lives and headed to … Continue reading